Aimed to resolve difficult personal and interpersonal issues faced by its students in crisis and the multifaceted factors in their homes, schools, and communities that become obstacles for students,  The House, Inc. Student Leadership Center and George Mason University's Diversity Research and Action Center (DRAC), in the college of Education and Human Development opened The EmpowerMEnt Center to empower youth to take charge of their mental health and emotional well-being.  Made possible in part through the Potomac Health Foundation program award, The EmpowerMEnt Center comes out of mutual desire to facilitate dialogue and conversations with other youth; support youth in making positive life decisions; helping youth successfully advocate for themselves.  Critical to turning a crisis into an opportunity for growth, we make it know that there is no shame in asking for help only shameful when made to feel worse for needing it.  

The House, Inc. helps students cope with many of the same issues that conventional therapists do - divorce, the parenting woes, chronic illness and matters of the heart - our methods are very different. Unlike a visit to a conventional counselor or therapist, The EmpowerMEnt Center won’t involve sitting on a couch or reaching for the obligatory tissue box. Getting students back on track with normal development, early interventions is recreational therapy and programs that incorporate many values and practices of the more recent parent education and family mental health support movements that evolved from research and practice in the child development and child welfare fields.  

The expansion of The House, Inc. to include The EmpowerMEnt Center builds and connects existing concepts of The House, Inc.'s power of rapport and comprehensive services with links of resources to meet the mental health needs of its students and families.