The House, Inc. offers a continuum of services including its Middle and High School of Public Service, an alternative education, public service-based learning program. At The House, students receive both teacher-led and computer-assisted instruction by highly-qualified teachers and coaches, providing opportunities to achieve graduation requirements in a supportive and personalized environment.

We enroll students who have been suspended, expelled, or adjudicated; offer credit recovery services for students who lack the number of credits typical for their age group; or, who are at risk for dropping out of school.

Powered By Academics: Student accountability with progress monitoring and evaluation – one that recognizes the link between supportive relationships and high academic achievement.

Powered For Service: Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.” Our philosophy is that we believe all students can achieve their highest potential of learning by becoming productive citizens, designed for impact through a public-service commitment to enhance mankind. The school’s Capstone project requires students’ participation in for-credit public service projects ranging in attempts to solve neighborhood problems, building healthy and vibrant communities, and demonstrating their ability to work effectively in public service. The integrative experience can lead students into jobs and internships following high school graduation.

Powered For Success: The future of the local workforce in the Greater Washington, D.C. is enhanced with the infusion of Public Service into the classroom and the benefit of integrating partnerships with governmental and nongovernmental organizations for public service projects related to education, healthcare, the environment and the fight against hunger and poverty, among other areas. These field service components enhance students’ lives and educational skills, resulting in a more engaged lifestyle, stronger citizenship and vibrant community impact.


Social Services: An arrangement of service through the Department of Social Services in Virginia and the District of Columbia.

School District Referral: The House Inc. partners with public school districts for alternative learning and dropout recovery instruction. When a student is referred, an intake appointment is scheduled with both the student and the parent(s) or guardian(s) to involve the entire family in the student's learning experience. While attending The House, Inc. Middle and High School of Public Service, students remain enrolled in their referring school district.

Private Pay: You have the option of enrolling as private-pay students and pay for the program at cost.