Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 National Capital A Cinderella Ball charity raffle. Ticket numbers 3L538 & 3F989.

The legacy of the National Capital A Cinderella Ball model proves how the initiative has enriched disabled children and young people's access to inclusive and positive activities and the impact it has on their well-being.  The House, Inc. leads the coalition of like-minded partners and uses the philanthropic generosity of individual and corporate donors to make strategic investments that enhance children's lives.

Inclusion works. Advancing The House, Inc.'s mission to improve the lives of children, The House, Inc. has over the years guided thousands of its students to serve their peers through a developed service-learning initiative, the National Capital A Cinderella Ball. A huge voice to winning the future, the effort the students of tThe House, Inc. undertake on behalf of their middle and high school peers has a lasting and far-reaching impact. 

This year's Ball marks the fifteenth anniversary celebrating children of America's men and women in uniform living with a life-limiting disabilities or illnesses, helping break down barriers that exclude special needs students. This event features a banquet, entertainment, awards, and after-party Ball for children who otherwise may not experience this type of social engagement. 

The principals and provision of this initiative are a great advancement and create a framework for all children with disabilities to be included in social settings. Students with disabilities experience difficulties in their ability to problem solve, socialize, communicate, and associate with limitations in activities in all environments. They are at a risk for lower participation in social and leisure activities critical in fostering friendships, developing interests, and promoting well-being.

Support The House, Inc.’s work and its next generation of activists through several tax-deductible sponsorship levels of your choosing.  To become a sponsor of the National Capital A Cinderella Ball, contact the event office at (703) 909-5459 for your opportunity.

For press/media inquiries and sponsorship opportunities, please contact the National Capital A Cinderella Ball event office at (703) 909-5459 or Visit for more details.